Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 02 & 03 Glow that LED

I set up two arduino boards and then Keith and I worked together last Saturday.
We tried several times to make them communicate by blinking.
In order to do this, I had to download new arduino version. It was so fun to see the LED blinking.

Week01_Find & Fix

This is a warm up project which is called interactive warm-up scarf.
I like this idea.
I found kind of problem in ITP. Sometimes it' too cold to study here because the air conditioning is too strong. I am not the only one that feels this way.
So, I started to make a warm up device for ITP students just like me.
My scarf has two functions.
one is stretching function to stretch arms and neck
you can stretch your arms and neck like this, and also it has one more function.
It also heats up by a battery.
Inside this scarf, there is battery heating device with a contact switch.
when you put pressure on the contact switch, the scarf heats up.
When you release the pressure on the switch, it becomes cold.
Most challenging thing during this work was getting the scarf to heat up.
I looked forward heating devices such as heating pad like a electric blanket and portable heat cushions and also camping heating packs but they were not easily wearable.
I was looking for something small, thin and light. also it needed to be more interactive.
So, I made my own contact switch and I found some sample from old classmate.
so that I was able to make this interactive warm up scarf.

I want to develope this scarf with wireless Zeebee so that it's more practical and interactive in wearable design. for example, I want to make gloves. if you squeeze your left hand, just the gloves heat up. if you squeeze your right hand, the scarf heats up...something like that.
so, I want to follow that kind of concept for this project.

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